Bangladesh National Team

It’s no secret that Bangladesh is a country where this sport is number one: Cricket. Almost all the boys play cricket. Of course, they do not play very impressive, but nevertheless. Almost every club in the capital of this country in Premier League Bangladesh is from the city of Dhaka. Bangladesh Cricket Team is representing the People’s Republic of Bangladesh in international friendly competitions and in ODI and Twenty20. The national team is run by the Bangladeshi Cricket Council, which in turn is a member of the International Cricket Council.

Bangladesh and Pakistan: comparison and opposition

As we have said, cricket is traditionally considered the number one sport in Bangladesh. For obvious reasons, Bangladesh’s cricket team is a serious threat to any opponent and is in a test state. Cricket in this state is incredibly popular. Of course, Bangladesh has its own championship. However, the level of local teams is low and has a status of fans. Former defense Andrew Hughes gave his forecast of further cricket relations between teams in Bangladesh and Pakistan. Bangladesh National Cricket Team goes to the World Cup. Pakistani team shifted back, but players Mohammed Hafez are not given without a fight. In 35 face-to-face meetings, Bangladesh has defeated Pakistan only four times, but three of these four victories were the last. Thanks to Bangladesh’s good game in the world ranking of Pakistan and India. In 2017, the Bangladesh team was well in the championship in Europe and completed three games in Ireland, where they won in New Zealand. It’s about the national team of Bangladesh as a professional player.

In addition, Bangladesh competes with the English team, as well as with the team, the founder of cricket. The ICC champions (International Cricket Council) in 2017 were one-day cricket tournaments, which were held from 1 to 18 June 2017 in England and Wales. The 2017 Cricket World Cup was the eighth consecutive tournament. The eight best teams in the ODI ICD tournament won the tournament.

The strongest teams are from England, Australia and India. They belong to 10 members of the International Cricket Board. The first game by the rules of ODI was held January 5, 1971 between the teams of England and Australia. On June 1, 2016, it was announced that the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 will be held in three places: Oval, Ebaston Sofia Gardens. The security of the tournament increased soon after Ariana Grande was attacked shortly before the start of the tournament in Manchester. The International Cricket Board (ICC) has announced that it will consider security issues. In the same year, the organizers decided to organize an important event on all possible consequences of terrorism, in which Eurasia participated in reinsurance. The sum insured was almost 10 billion tenge. The reinsurance contract covers the risks of terrorism, including gambling, advertising, sponsorship, and loss of profits in connection with the transfer or cancellation of an event.

Bangladesh Tigers tried to repeat their success during the 2015 World Cup, when England won. The English cricket team was third in the test team, second in the Lonely International Match and fifth in the Twenty20 rating. People even pray for the national team before playing in local churches. The interior has a large room, many interesting uprisings have been preserved, but the most interesting is the exterior. A tourist who came to Bangladesh could even see this view. After fermentation in the city, we took a rickshaw and asked him to take us to the city temple. There, hundreds of fans are asking the gods to join their team in the championship.

Special mode cricket

The Bangladesh team has a very difficult and strong mode of game. They do not regret their rivals from other countries. Therefore, the competition between the national teams of the Republic of Bangladesh and England was held with unprecedented security measures. Even the Luftwaff was worried. In Bangladesh, preparing for a cricket match with an English team was almost an antiterrorist operation. The signal even lifted the plane. The excitement of this game is huge, so the authorities tried to avoid even the smallest obstacles.

“The game against England will be a battle, but our task is not to let it shoot, I assure you, this will not happen,” the head of the Bengali army regiment said.

While the soldiers were training at the stadium, this madness took place outside. Literally every resident of the capital, Bangladesh, Dacca, was absent in the hope of getting a ticket to the game of the year. Literally everyone had to fight for a place in the queue. The teams themselves are not particularly stressed at all. Nevertheless each training time was conducted under heavy guard. Well, the routes of movement, especially the national team of England, were then under the strictest secret.

“Of course, we understand that such a security regime is completely justified. At first, it was a bit uncomfortable, but now we hardly notice the military and the guards. Therefore, we can fully concentrate on preparing for the game,” England national team player Josh Butler said.

Such a stir around that match is quite understandable. Since 1997 cricket has been officially the most popular sport in Bangladesh. And each arrival of the strongest teams of the world is accompanied by a nationwide insanity. “I hope Bangladesh will win, and we will celebrate, we will all dance together,” commented the situation on the Bangladesh national team Meinul Hasan. Objectively speaking, the holiday on the streets of Dhaka hardly has to wait. But the fans are already dancing right away, though, so far from under the lash.

The excitement of fans of cricket: Bangladesh fans threw a team of opponents with stones

As representatives of the winning team reported, the national team of Bangladesh lost to the West Indies team at the World Cup in their home country, gaining only 58 points. To date, this is a record low result in the history of one-day international matches. In this regard, the fans of the Bangladeshi national team were shocked and tried to take out the evil on the opposing team: they threw stones at the bus of the athletes of the winning team.

“What the hell? Stones are thrown at us! This is simply outrageous, because there are so many guards here. What’s next: bullets?” – wrote in his microblog team player West Indies Chris Gale.

In turn, a spokesman for the team, Philip Spooner, said that several stones had hit the bus, the glass had cracked, but no one was hurt. The captain of the Bangladeshi team Shakib Ali Hassan after the match had to apologize to fellow countrymen. The team itself is not very tense. However, each workout was conducted under strict supervision. Well, the routes of the movement, especially the England team, were strictly confidential.

“Of course, we understand that such a security regime is completely justified.” At first it was a bit uncomfortable, but now the army and the guards have almost nothing, so we can fully concentrate on preparing for the game,” said England player Josh Butler.

This excitement about this game is clear. Cricket was officially the most popular sport in Bangladesh since 1997. And each coming of the strongest teams in the world is accompanied by the craziness of the population. “I hope Bangladesh wins and will all dance together to celebrate,” Hasan Maynul said in a statement on the Bangladesh national team. Objectively, it is unlikely that the party is waiting on the streets of Dhaka. But admirers are already dancing from the plague.

Prime Bank sponsored the Bangladesh cricket team

Prime Bank Limited became the title sponsor of the Bangladesh Cricket League, agreeing on all the terms of the deal with the leadership of the league. The contract is for one year and will bring the league 877 million dollars. The agreement was signed by company “Game on Sports Management”. The bank also has its own team in the second Bangladesh Cricket League. The deal was signed in the conference hall of the National Stadium in Mirpur, where a representative of Prime Bank Limited signed a contract with BCB President Nazmul Nassan Papon. The representative of the bank presented a check for 564 thousand dollars. The representative of the League noted: “We are very happy to sign an agreement with the bank. The new title sponsor will inspire the league for new feats and accomplishments. Cricket is the most popular game in Bangladesh and we are very pleased that such influential structures show interest in our sport.”

Each nation in the world has its own qualities that are absolutely normal and routine for them. If people of another nationality, however, in their environment, you may be surprised, the customs and traditions of the people of this country do not correspond to their own notions of life. Thus, they live in Bangladesh and adhere to the truth that cricket is the most important game for every Bengali.