Bangladesh Premier League

Cricket is a sport not only for the British. Millions of people around the world regularly watch One Day Cricket or Twenty20. The rules are not always simple, but the game will give you a lot of fun. And cricket bets always guarantee unforgettable emotions. Cricket is a cult sport in the UK and its former colonies – India, Pakistan, Australia and the Republic of South Africa. Cricket was invented in the 18th century in England. In 1900, this sport was part of the Olympics program, and since 1975, world championships are held regularly. Outwardly, cricket is very similar to baseball – it also uses the ball and the bat. Rivals play 11 on 11, the task of the players is to knock the crossbar from the gate. One team is trying to get on goal, the other – not to let them do it. Interestingly, in other countries cricket matches are not uncommon, though in the street version. Most often they are played by students from India, where tens of millions of people are involved in this sport.

Teams of Bangladesh Premier League:

  • Sylhet Sixers. Sylhet Surma Sixers is a team representing the Sylhet division in the BPL. Sylhet Royals and Sylhet Super Stars in the first and second matches, however, are banned in the fourth season in Sylhet.
  • Rangpur Riders. Rangpur Riders is a cricket team that represents the Bangladesh Rangpur division in the Bangladesh Premier League or BPL. Rangpur Riders won the BPL title in 5th position for the first time, losing to Dhaka Dynamites in the final.
  • Khulna Titans. Khulna Titans is one of the cricket teams representing the Khulna division in cricket in the Premier League of Bangladesh Twenty20.
  • Chittagong Viking. This is the franchise team at Chittagong Divisional BPL. This team was previously in 2 kings XI, and one of the founders of the Bengali Premier League.
  • Rajshahi Kings. Rajshahi King is a franchise cricket team in Rajshahi, Bangladesh. Shamim Ahsan, the former president of the Bangladesh Software and Information Services Association (BASIS), has acquired ownership of the Rajshahi Group for the third edition of the Bangladesh Premier League.
  • Comilla Victorians.

Famous people: captain Mashrafe Mortaza

He was born on October 5, 1983. Mashraf Bean Mortasa will be the best cricketer in Bangladesh. He sighed at the way Mortazas came out. While developing the A team in Bangladesh, he showed an impressive drama. He made his first class match on the Zimbabwe tour. After a successful recovery, he did not immediately return to the international team. Instead, he focused on internal matches to improve his skills. This leads to a spectacular drama that allows you to try the cricket again. Later it was damaged after great stress. Because of this, there was a kind of accident with his ankle.

It is interesting about Mortasa, who finally saved him, while he was not the captain’s national captain. After switching to Ashraugh, Mortasa becomes the captain so that he can pay more attention to the Batter. Mortasa began to see again until he was wounded. Shakib Al Hassan was named captain while he was injured. Some fans argue why Al Hasan reached the limit of fatigue, because when they were injured, it was a reason to cover it for other players. However, this can be expressed as a very unfortunate event.

Last April, Mortasa announced the withdrawal of twenty international crickets. It was a pleasant surprise most of the time. But when Mortasa led his team to victory, we all left with good memories. Let’s wait and see if the pension is really up to date.

Early life and early career

Muhammad Mushfikur Rahim was born on May 9, 1988. Before remembering him as the captain of a tiger test, a man reminded himself as a circuit in the local cricket scheme. At an early age, cricket was his passion. He represented Bangladesh in three juvenile events. A few years later, when he left the position of young player, Raim was able to face the whole country. In 2010, he showed the best results in a match of one day. Raheem scored 114 tracks. Even after losing the team, it was an incredible performance. The BCB drew attention to this and soon created six TPL teams (Bangladesh Premier League). Durant made Rahim an “iconographer” for the Rajshahi team, a team in which he became a captain. The influence of Raheem was immediate. The team started a little disappointed and went to the semifinal. The personal contribution of Rahim was more than 113 people.


Maybe it’s a wound for Martha’s carrier when he has serious injuries. He had to stop playing when his stomach was in danger. The reason for the disappointment of many fans is that he said about recovery, injured his knee and needed surgery. He prolonged his recovery period, and was away from cricket for eight months. Until 2003, he could not return to international cricket. Later that year he was wounded again. In this stage was a rotating knee, of course, had to get into cricket and even take for a long time. We are still waiting for this wonderful athlete to continue working well. Shakib Al Hassan said that going to Sabbatical gave him a lot of heat about it. Why today we have to dig deeply and why is this person his break? A few weeks before the trip to South Africa Shakib Al Hasan sent an application to the Cricket Bandunhsku Board for his release.

According to Al Hassan, he explained that he believes that the hopes and the last ten years have stopped because of his constant work. Remember this after the wonderful work of Australia in two series of tests. Al-Hassan expressed his confusion and increased his request of the supporters. At this stage, we must be honest, Al-Hassan has shown that his presence is truly valuable. Criticism comes from most fans who can’t fix something that can potentially decrease performance in South Africa. It is really selfish, but the fans have many flavors.

It was the so-called awakening of fans from all over the world that have created the connection line between Al-Hassan and others who have worked enormously. Tamim Iqbal and Mushfikur Rahim are approaching the field for the last ten years. Because both players are known as good performances, this is definitely a concern for others. What to do if all the good things are gone for a break?

After winning the pitches, the old Batman Mushfikur Rahim decided to win. He scored 110 runs in 115 balls with 11 quarts and two six. Imrul Keise discovered that Bitsana was invincible at age 31; he did not receive any support from the other. The Rabbinic Talent, which makes the big bowlers in 4/43 runs run 10, makes Bangladesh a terrorist. Pretoria and Tahir also made the captain of the spell Fate Du Plessis a spell of each of 10 shots, which allowed South Africa to allow 7/227 to gain 50 points.

Bangladesh had no hope that if they could attack initially and put some pressure on South Africa, there would be no strike. Both the De Cock opener and the veteran Hashim Amla captured a great hundred and remained invincible 43 times. Where Cooke was fantastic, with 168 runs, 21 batters and two runs higher, Amla himself led the second appearance and scored 110 in 112 goals. Holland Toskin Ahmed and Mohammed Saifuddin easily added 13 bonuses and 109 tracks as the worst bowlers. After a great leader, the man went to a coca party.

The first Stroom test patch – September 28 – October 2, 2016

The 23-year-old Iden Markaram scored 22 over 50 in his first 38 first-class matches. Andila phelbhaoyeoo has won the test cover to increase the pace of attack, young cannons Morne Morkel and Dwayne rabada, as well as the Test 5 game played Olivia. South Africa scored the first bat and announced 3/496 with a large edge of the bay, of which 199 players Dina Elgar and Hashim Amla scored 137 cycles. Manimul Gak scored 77 races with the help of a complete Mahmudullah, and a series of 66 before Morkel crashed. South Africa then announced 6/247 runs with 56 points, and their buffs won enough to score Fafe du Plessis and Tenda Bavoumaa 81 and 71 to rest.

Unfortunately, for the fourth presentation of Bangladesh, they would like to forget quickly because they were collected at 90 races. After the start of the match, Maharov and Robadak received Maharaja 4/25 to defeat the main cricket. Only 11 years old. Therefore, South Africa has won 333 races. Algar has won the Medal of the Match for his memorable 199.

Betting on Premier League of Bangladesh

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