Bangladesh Cricket

There are national economies and clothing. There are toys (Teddy Bear) and musical instruments (bagpipes). There are national projects, ideas and even self-awareness. And there are also national games and sports (huruth, dembe, shinti, sambo). Sometimes games cease to be national in only one country. They become so popular that they turn from a purely national phenomenon into an international one (football, rugby, baseball, hockey) and become national sports in other countries. Football for Brazil is not a national game? What does baseball mean for Cuba? And what is hockey for the Czechs? What about rugby for South Africa?

What about cricket for Bangladesh? Cricket is developing in the formerly controlled territories of the British Empire: in India, Pakistan, New Zealand, Australia, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe. Bangladesh has become the 10th member of this cricket club. If cricket is shown on TV, then rest assured that the game is watched everywhere where there are televisions and men: in homes, shops and home appliances markets, in cars, in cafes and restaurants. The national team serving in international competitions is called Tigers, Tigers, in honor of the rare Bengal tigers still living in Bangladesh. Tigers are the idols of the whole country. In the international arena, the team has been performing since the 70s.

“Tigers” is young team. There are only three players over 24 years old. Igbal Shakib is 17 years old, Shakhib Al Hasan is 19 years old, Mushfigur Rahim is 18 years old. The team has great potential. Young people are able to defeat the most experienced and powerful opponent. The Tigers won the Asian Cup, many international meetings, the International Cricket Federation Cup. When the “Tigers” is on the field it is always a holiday. They were born after watching a cricket match between Bangladesh and Pakistan, they are perennial opponents. “Tigers are brave and courageous, tearing the claws of weaklings — they have no equal in the field, everyone will get cuck-bits.” There is no cooler team in the world than the Bengal Tigers. A wild roar, a terrible grin, hair bristling up, mustache with a jerk – whoever went to the tigers on the field, can immediately leave. “Whoever came to play against Tigers on the field today, he had to write a testament yesterday. Tigers, Tigers, cannibal ate yours for lunch. ”

How do get into the national team? The choice of national team coaches is great. Bangladesh has the Premier League. It contains 12 club teams. There is Corporate League with 6 teams. Large companies create their own teams, and they compete with each other – an excellent advertisement for corporations. There are 1, 2, 3 divisions. There is the National League (6 teams from different regions of the country, including Dhaka) – where the best of the best play. National championship is held between them. There are school teams, college teams, youth and university. And how many courtyards! And do not count. Big cricket starts on the street. Previously, cricket was considered a game for the rich, because the equipment, equipment was expensive, now it is available even for ordinary Bangladeshis. Well, and the yard commands, what equipment? They buy only sticks in the store and sometimes they don’t always do it themselves. And more for yard cricket and do not need anything. Cricket is good for democracy; any level playground will be suitable for the game.

Two teams play cricket. A match consists of innings, periods. In each inning, one team beats off, the other serves. There are two gates, gates. A person from the other team is called a bowler; a batter is called a batman. Each period consists of a series of shots, 6 in each series. All 6 are served by one throwing, bowler. The purpose of the bowler is to throw more precisely, get into the wicket, wicket. The task of Batsman is to repulse correctly. He or she beats off and runs to the opposite wicket. We must reach and touch the bat or foot to the ground for a wicket. Each successful run brings a point to the team. If you run twice, back and forth – the team gets two points. Those who serve try to catch the ball and return it to the gate. If they manage to send the ball into the gate, while at least one batter is still running, then this runner will be eliminated. The batter is also out of the game if he misses the ball, and the ball hits the gate, or if the ball falls into the hands of someone from the wicket Kipper, the gate defenders from the team of applicants. When all ten players are out of the game, the teams switch places.

The one who submitted also beats off. During serious competitions, a match of 2 innings, periods, is given 5 days. This is the yard players are chopped on the field, what came from, and in serious pros there are uniforms, shields, cricket caps, shirt-shirts-pants, heavy balls. It is suitable for yard cricket any platform; and professionals play on the pitch. The boundary of the field is determined by the rope, stretched along a circle. In the center of the field is a strip of land 22 yards, more than 20 meters. Each team has 11 players: 4-5 bowlers serving; 5-6 people who hit. The most valuable players are those who feed well and beat them off. On the field there are 13 people. 11 from the serving team, 2 from the batters. In cricket, it is important to correctly repel. If the ball bounced off the field, the batting team gets 4 points. And if he or she flew out without even touching the ground, then team get 6 points immediately.

By popularity, cricket bypasses another national game of fun, similar to ours. Called “Kabaddi”, “breath hold” in Hindi. The game is popular in South, Southeast Asia, Iran, Japan, China, Nepal, Indonesia and Vietnam. It was born, they say, in India, in the state of Punjab. Indians brilliantly play kabaddi in international competitions. The game is included in the program of the Asian Games. The country shows good results; in Asian games it takes prizes. The action takes place on a small platform 12.5×10 m. This is half the basketball field.

So, there are two teams of 12 players. And there are 7 on the field, 5 in stock. They play two periods of 20 minutes. And they have only 5 minute of break. The field is divided into two parts. Opponents stand opposite each other. One team “drives” sends to the opposite territory “rider”. In 30 seconds, his task is to “besiege” one, maximum two rivals. Salted up is eliminated and brings a point to the rider team. Those who are not overpowered are trying to detain the rider on their territory, not to let him go “home” Only one, maximum two can attack a rider. The rider in any case tries to return to its half. The rider captured and retained on foreign territory is eliminated, and the opposing team gets a point. And where is “breath holding”? The rider, starting the game, takes a deep breath and as he breathes out he constantly says the word “kabaddi”. When he feels that there is not enough air, it is time for him to return. And opponents, when they feel that a person is running out of breath, try to grab him. The game is fun, power. Without bruises, bumps can’t do it. Fractures and concussions also occur. Be careful!

Bangladesh cricket traditions and etiquette

In the history of cricket, there were many memorable matches, but one of them not only became a landmark, but also gave rise to the traditional annual match between England and Australia. This tournament is called “Ashes” (urn with ashes). At the end of the 19th century, the British lost to the Australians for the first time, and one of the newspapers wrote that English cricket had died, and its ashes had been transferred to Australia. Sometimes later, the British again lost to the Australians, and as a consolation prize they were given a kind of urn with the “dust” of English cricket. In fact, it was the ash from the burned post of a cricket gate.

Cricket, like golf, is a sport regulated by a huge number of rules and an unspoken code of conduct that players have known since childhood. For example, none of the batsmen will remain on the field if he was knocked out, but the judge did not notice. Cricket lovers often blame football for the absence of such sporting nobility where players almost always play until the referee stops the game. A flurry of applause is greeted by the rivals of the new Batsman, who came out to the gate. The referee can stop the game if the bowler deliberately throws the ball in a bat, but in a Batsman for several shots. Such behavior is considered indecent among cricketers, as well as the time delay.

Business on the background of cricket

Cricket matches can last several days, and it often seems like nothing is happening on the field and players just stand idly around and look. Often between passes can take several minutes. Therefore, fans take the march to the stadium very seriously, stocking up with baskets of food and drinks. It is prestigious to be a cricket fan in Bangladesh, and often rich companies have their own box in the stadium. Although as they say here in such lodges during matches important matters are mainly solved and what happens on the field is just a background.

Bangladesh national stadiums

Among the largest sports arenas there are the following places: “Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium” (2006, over 25 thousand seats; in 2011 the Cricket World Cup matches), multifunctional “Bangladesh Army Stadium” (15 thousand places); “Dhanmondi Cricket Stadium” (9 thousand seats), football “Bir Sherestha Shaheed Shipahi Mostafa Kamal Stadium” (8 thousand seats), etc.

Bangladesh national team wins the Cricket World Cup

Not too convincing, but still the national team of Bangladesh started the Twenty20 cricket world cup in the Twenty20 format, which in its first match in group “A” beat the Netherlands team. Bangladesh beat the ball first and recorded a total of 153 runs. Tamim Iqbal played superbly, gaining more than half of the team wounds, including six “fours” and three “sixes. However, his partners were less successful. In defense of Bangladesh their captain Mashrafe Mortaza played well, on the overruns of which rivals collected only 14 runs. Stefan Mayburg and Peter Borren have drawn up 29 runs from the Dutch, and until the last over, the outsider team retained chances for a final victory, but in the end only 8 runs gave up to the famous opponent.

They watch cricket all over the country

Cricket is definitely the most important game for any Bangladeshi. For their national team they are sick of the whole country, and if there is a match, then everyone will watch it – in a cafe, in the office, in stores. Each point gained will be accompanied by shouts of approval. And this is not just a spectacle – every self-respecting Bangladeshi himself plays cricket. Who has money and who do not have it seats right in the courtyards and on the roads. In the cities, open areas are specially organized for this, where anyone can play their favorite game. Finding free space on them, especially on weekends, is a big problem.

Creepy facts about Bengali cricket: a cricket judge killed the viewer

An arbitrator from Bangladesh, who judged the cricket game of two local teams, accidentally killed one of the spectators of the match. According to eyewitnesses, 15-year-old Nazrul Islam jumped out on the field. He ran to the arbitrator and began to loudly challenge one of his decisions. The dispute quickly turned into an exchange of insults, after which the judge in anger took away a bat from a player standing nearby and hit the teenager on the head with it. The fan fell, but then he was able to get up and go home on his own. However, later he became much worse, and at night he died in hospital. Upon the incident, the police began an investigation and called in for questioning the match referee, but he was already hiding in an unknown direction. Whether the match was canceled during which the conflict occurred is not reported.